Qui suis-je ?

Je m’appelle Agathe, et je suis une étudiante française expatriée aux Etats-Unis pour mon doctorat. J’adore les langues (et tout ce qui s’y rapporte – OUI, même la grammaire !), mais j’aime aussi des trucs un poil moins nerds, comme voyager, dessiner, écrire, regarder Doctor Who, tricoter et… Ah, mince.

Je travaille sur mon doctorat en Littérature Jeunesse (si si, ça existe), ainsi que sur d’autres projets personnels et artistiques tels que l’illustration de livres pour enfants, tout en essayant de rester à peu près saine d’esprit en voyageant autant que faire ce peut durant mon peu de temps libre. C’est du boulot, mais ça en vaut la peine !

N’hésitez pas à réagir à mes articles, que ce soit pour m’offrir des suggestions ou simplement pour discuter d’un sujet plus en profondeur. Tous les commentaires sont appréciés, bonne lecture…


About me:

My name’s Agathe; I’m a French graduate student currently living, teaching and learning in the US. I’m in love with languages (and everything about them – YES, even grammar!), but I also love slightly less nerdy things, like traveling, drawing, writing, watching Doctor Who, knitting and… Oh wait.

I’m working on my PhD in Children’s Literature (yes, that’s a thing), on other personal and artistic projects like illustrating children’s books, and trying to stay sane by traveling as much as I can in the limited amount of free time that I get. It’s busy work, but it’s worth it!

Please feel free to leave comments, whether it’s to give me feedback or because you’d like to chat about something I wrote. All comments are welcome, happy scrolling…



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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I mean “nerd” in the best way! To me, a nerd is someone who is so passionate about a subject that they’ll try to learn as much as they can about it, up to the smallest nitpicky details. And they don’t care whether people think it’s cool or not, but they love sharing their ideas with fellow “nerds”… That’s how I identify as a language nerd, and I hope it makes sense. But it doesn’t really matter: language-loving people rock whatever they want to be called! :)

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